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          English | 中文版

          ■Brief Introduction of the Corporation

                Beijing Time & Frequency Co., Ltd. is a domestic high technology enterprise of the time & frequency area with a professional research group of Doctors and Masters from Tsinghua University. It has been focusing on the development, production and marketing of GPS and BDO’s time & frequency products, and has successfully finished the development and production tasks of several national priorities project’s time & frequency products. The time & frequency products of the corporation have independent intellectual property rights, and have received several national utility model patents and software copyrights. The corporation, which is equipped with standards of measurements and support equipments such as Cesium atomic frequency standards, high stable crystal oscillator, phase noise test set, BER analyzer, GPS receiver, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator, hi-pot tester and high-low temperature test chamber, tests the time and frequency parameter of the products according to JJG and provides the calibration results of the performance indexes of stability, accuracy, shake, drift rate, aging rate, daily fluctuation and reproducibility, making sure that the measured value of every product produced could meet the highest time and frequency standard of the country. The corporation pays close attention to the quality management, and has passed the GB/T19001-2008 quality management system in 2006. Its technical competence of GPS/BDO high precision timing, NTP time synchronizing, PCI/PCIe timing and frequency measurement occupies a domestic leading position and progresses synchronously with the international advanced level.

                The main product of the corporation includes the NTP network time server, GPS/BDO’s synchronous clock, precision synchronous clock PTPv2 (IEEE1588-2008), GPS/BDO’s synchronous clock reference, GPS’s disciplined Rubidium clock, GPS’s disciplined OCXO, satellite synchronous clock module, GPS/BDO/CDMA time server, GPS timing module, PCI, PCIe, CPCI, PXI Timing card, IRIG-B coding card, IRIG-B decoding card, unified time system, Rubidium atomic frequency standard, time & frequency tester, and the development of custom made time frequency products, etc.

          Quality Guaranteed

                 Time & Frequency Co., Ltd.—expert in the time and frequency area, leading brand of the Chinese time server market.

                 After years of accumulation, Time & Frequency Co., Ltd. has provided a large quantity of time and frequency product and service for various domestic industries. By now, over 10,000 Time & Frequency Co., Ltd.’s time frequency synchronous clock products are operating stably around the world. The corporation provides marvelous products and services for the customers with the accumulation of technical experience over ten years, and has won a good reputation around the users.

          History of Development

          In 2002, Beijing Hanijang Taifu Electronic Technical Institute was founded.

          In 2006, Beijing Time & Frequency Co., Ltd. was founded.

          In 2006, the corporation entered the CMMB Technical Research Working Group.

          In 2006, passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

          In 2007, entered the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

          In 2007, entered the China Technical Application Association for Global Positioning System.

          In 2007, entered the Zhongguanchun Digital TV Industry Alliance.

          In 2006, established by Beijing Municipal Science &  Technology Commission as a high and new technology enterprise.

          By the end of the year 2008 established as a high and new technology enterprise by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Bureau of   Finance, State Administration of Taxation and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.

          In 2008, established as a software enterprise by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission.

          In 2009, established as Haidian District’s innovative enterprise and Zhongguancun high tech industry.

          In 2008 & 2009, the HJ201 series of products were selected as the central state organs of government’s centralized procurement of goods.

          In 2009, the Time Synchronization System of the corporation was included in Beijing’s second tranche of the catalogue of independent innovation products.

          In 2009, the Time Synchronization System won the project support of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China’s Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms.

          In 2009, the Time Synchronization System won the Science and Technology Innovation Product Award of Beijing Enterprise Evaluation Association.

          In 2009, the corporation passed the ZCA level evaluation of ECPA.

          In 2010, the electronic trademark of the corporation got the ratification of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

          In 2010, the GPS/BDO dual mode base station time synchronization system won the project support of Haidian District, Beijing’s science and technology development plan.

          In 2010, got the software copyright of 13 softwares including the NTP network time synchronization system.

          In 2011, successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise review, and the certificate of national high-tech enterprise was issued.

          In 2012, successfully passed the acceptance test of Haidian District, Beijing’s science and technology development plan.

          In 2012, successfully passed the acceptance test of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China’s Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms.

          In 2013, the offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou were established.

          In 2013, obtained the PCI clock card utility model patent certificate.

          In 2014, passed again the national high-tech enterprise review.

          In 2015, got the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone new technology and product certificate.

          In 2016, got six software copyright certificates including the time server management system.

          In 2016, the office in Chengdu was established.

          Success Story

               After years of development, the “HJ series” and the brand of “Time & Frequency Technology” have been widely known in the domestic time & frequency field. The products are stable and reliable, and the corporation has provided time frequency products and services for the industries of finance, securities, futures, insurance, railroads, governments, radio & television, public security, petrochemicals, prospects, tobacco, expressways, civil aviations, hospitals, institutions of higher learnings, nuclear power, car industry, measurements, aviation, army, electric power, as well as the projects of cloud computing, Internet of thing, Safe City, Smart City, mobile payment, intelligent traffic and security monitoring. All above have spoken highly of our products and services.

          Corporate Culture

                 The Origin of “Time & Frequency Technology”’s Chinese Name

                “Taifute” comes from both the paraphrase and the transliteration of the corporation’s English name “Time & Frequency Technology”.

                 The word “Time” is translated into “Tai”, with the meaning of safe and stable development as well as honest operation.

                 The word “Frequency” is translated into “Fu”, with the meaning of bringing good news to customers and creating value for the customers.

                 The word “Technology” is translated into “Te”, with the meaning of the corporation’s consistent technological innovation, starting the nation’s own time & frequency industry.

          Corporate Vision    To become the leader of the time & frequency area’s industrialization!

          Corporate Philosophy    “Base on independent research and development, keep on technological innovation, create national choice goods, and develop the time & frequency industry.” With the soul of technological innovation and the root of assured quality, provide the customers with high quality and cost effective time & frequency products and solutions!

                Corporate Style    Stern and careful, pragmatic and diligent, innovative and efficient

          Corporate Culture    Advocate technology and innovation, pursue pragmatism and gumption; understand individualistic heroism, promote the spirit of teamwork; dare to take responsibility to his country, his corporate, his family and himself, make an effort to provide the country and the corporation with first-class products, solutions and services.